How Often Can You Use IPL Hair Removal At Home?


IPL may be the best shaving, waxing, or laser hair removal option. You will have concerns about the security of the treatment. It would be best to study how often to use IPL products at home. The IPL products are pretty effective and efficient as they provide long-lasting results. Given below points need to be considered before doing IPL at home.

Factors That Need To Consider

Hair Must Be In The Anagen Phase.

IPL is Best Hair Facial Removal. It should be used once every two weeks at most. The anagen hair growth phase is necessary for the IPL to kill the hair follicle effectively.

That’s why this treatment is only effective on facial and body hair. Since laser depilation only affects hair in its active growth phase, this is the only time of its life cycle when it can be used.

At this time, only around 20% of your body hair is in this stage. Because of this process, you’ll need to give the strands repeated treatments over three months.

After two to three weeks in the anagen phase, the hair will enter the catagen, telogen, and exogen phases, at which point it will fall out and begin the growth cycle all over again.

Maintained Six-Week Difference

Suppose you use your Ulike Hair Removal handset more frequently than is recommended, rather than making the process of removing hair more manageable.

In that case, you will instead cause your skin to become irritated. To prevent abusing the usage directions, it is recommended that you leave some time in between each session of therapy.

Do not treat the same area of skin multIPLe times during the same session because this will not improve the efficacy of the treatment and will cause the skin to get slightly bruised.

So clearly maintained a distance of six weeks between two sessions of IPL hair removal.


Ulike IPL devices are the Best IPL Hair Removal. It treats the skin gradually and effectively. Depending on your hair, results appear after 3–5 sessions. This great skincare product destroys hair follicles to prevent re-growth.

This excellent equipment doesn’t produce rapid effects but long-lasting results. So for more effective results, follows the guidelines of the given product.

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